Fast broadband access from anywhere on earth

Satcube overview in one minute

Satcube is a satellite communications company, developing and selling terminals and services to enable people to communicate anywhere on the planet.

Nowadays, we communicate anywhere and everywhere, and people are disappointed when communications capacity isn’t available. With the advent of high throughput satellites, satellite communications can fulfill high capacity communication needs anywhere on earth.

Satcube’s terminals are so light and easy to use that it’s natural to stay online anywhere.

– ”We looked at the High Throughput Satellite development and decided to make products and services enabling  people to stay connected wherever they are to a fraction of today´s data prices” says Jakob Kallmér, founder and CEO of Satcube.

Satcube´s headoffice is in Gothenburg and one development office is in Karlstad. Satcube took in venture capital in April 2016 to accelerate our new product development.

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The team

Jakob Kallmér, the founder and CEO of Satcube, has long experience from the satellite industry. The team he’s recruited has worked with Jakob and in the satellite industry for many years, in companies such as SWE-DISH Satellite Systems, RUAG, SSC and Ericsson


Board of directors

Jane Walerud, chair, is a successful serial entrepreneur and active angel investor. Her companies since 1999 include Bluetail, Klarna, Teclo Networks and Lensway. She is a member of the Swedish Government’s Innovation Council, the SUP46 Startup Hall of Fame, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). Jane holds a BA from Stanford University, a gold medal from IVA and an honorary doctorate from the Royal Institute of Technology.


Markus Selin, Co-founder and Vice President, is one of Swedens most successful serial entrepreneurs in the Satellite industry. Markus started in business development in the Swedish Space Corporation and later founded SWE-DISH Satellite Systems AB and Satpoint AB where he also served as CEO. Markus has received Fast 50 Technology Company Award 3 times. Markus holds a MSc Applied Math and Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology.


Jakob Kallmér, CEO and founder, is a visionary entrepreneur with a plan of how to make satellite terminals to many people. Jakob is a technology person with market knowledge and the ability to find the right people to make a dream team. Jakob holds a MSc in Physics from Uppsala University and have extensive knowledge in law and design management.


Johan Karlsson, Co-founder and CTO, is an entrepreneur in the IT and telecommunications industry. He brings extensive experience in product development, in a challenging international environment. Leadership, endurance and holistic approach has been key success factors. Johan has a Master of Science degree from Chalmers University of Technology.


Johan Koch, boardmember, is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor.